Bell Buckle Radio
Bell Buckle Radio is an online Internet radio station originating from historical Bell Buckle,TN.

The station offers a large range of music including Bluegrass, Classic Country, Folk, Gospel and Americana.
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Welcome to Bell Buckle Radio

Bell Buckle Radio broadcasts through Live365, the Internet radio broadcasting and listening network.
All Times Are Central

Bell buckle Radio believes in a unique experience when listening to music.
The station has quickly grown to offer a large range of music in bluegrass, classic country, folk, gospel and Americana. Our contributing hosts include Bob Mitchell, Cindy Baucom, Jay Armsworthy, Bill Foster, Steve Martin, Gary Henderson, Lisa Kay Howard-Hughes, Michael Johnathon, Jerry 'Old Hippie' Eicher, Gene Skinner, Jeff Miller, Edgar Duguay, Jeff DeFord, J. Gregory, Tori Taff, Roger Huffman, and Valerie Smith herself. Please visit our Hosts page.
Each show is programmed and unique to the radio personality. When not in the progress of a scheduled show, the station is always playing music. Please check out the Program Schedule.
All times are Central Time.

Please welcome Roger Huffman and his "Box of Records" program to our station. Roger digs into his collection of classic rock to give a little different sound here at Bell Buckle Radio. "Box of Records" is heard on Sundays at 1:00PM CST, Fridays at 8:00PM CST and Saturdays at 5:00PM CST.

Valerie Smith, station owner & president, is also owner of Bell Buckle Records and her own Buckledown Publishing. Valerie is also leader of Valerie Smith and Liberty Pike, a band that features Americana, Bluegrass, Country & More. Valerie also hosts "Vals Choice" each weekday at 8:00AMCST and "Blame It On Bluegrass" each weeknight at 10:00PMCST.  
Bill Foster, veteran broadcaster, is the Program Director and assists Valerie with organizing and scheduling the various programs. Bill also hosts "Fosters Corner" each weeknight at 7:00PMCST.
Please visit our Programs page