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"Down To The Roots" with Jeff Deford
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Down To The Roots is a weekly, syndicated program highlighting the old-time music of Country & Western artists dating back to the earliest days of recorded music through 1950. Each show features a wide variety of recordings, including previously-unreleased studio outtakes, live performances, vintage radio shows, musical skits and more.

Jeff's "Down to the Roots" can be heard Thursdays at 3:00 PM and Saturdays at 1:00 PM CST, with an early morning rebroadcast on Wednesdays at 2:00AM CST.

The program includes special segments like "Folk Song Focus", in which a popular folk tune's origin is explored with several artists' interpretations as well as differences in lyrics, melody and other variations.

Plus, the popular "Train Set", with a collection of songs about railroads, hobos and traveling on the steel wheels as the subject matter.

Also, the Down To The Roots "Square Dance", a set of tunes complete with callers shouting the organized dance steps. In addition, each week a collection of "Songs Of The Old West", with singing cowboys and similar groups relating musical tales of the Western frontier is presented.

Down To The Roots is a unique, one-of-a-kind program that will transport you back to a simpler time and place, widening the smile on your happy face.