Bell Buckle Radio
Bell Buckle Radio is an online Internet radio station broadcasting from historical Bell Buckle,TN.

The station offers a large range of music including Bluegrass, Classic Country, Folk, Gospel and Americana.
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Roger Huffman - Host of "Box of Records"
I remember be-boppin’ down the road in Houston, Texas listening to the top 40 hits and the high energy commercials on KILT 610 AM radio. It was great. Eventually making it to college I switched on the radio to a completely new experience: FM. I didn’t hear all that high energy but a DJ talking about the song he was about to play or sometimes playing an entire side of an album. Very cool.

Nowadays AM is fading away and FM is taking its place in the airwaves. After 50 years of playing and singing music, being blessed with mediocrity, and collecting a variety of albums and cds, I now have the opportunity to pull from my Box of Records, play different songs, and develop a program that takes you back to the time when FM was not AM. Thanks for listening, Roger Huffman