Bell Buckle Radio
Bell Buckle Radio is an online Internet radio station broadcasting from historical Bell Buckle,TN.

The station offers a large range of music including Bluegrass, Classic Country, Folk, Gospel and Americana.
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"Best Of Bluegrass" with Bob Mitchell
Bluegrass broadcaster Bob Mitchell recently marked his 400th edition of his "Best of Bluegrass".

Bob makes regular play of the fact that he and his program share the same initials (B-O-B), which you’ll hear mentioned throughout each show.

Bob's "Best of Bluegrass" show can be heard each Monday and Thursday at 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM CST and again Friday and Saturday at 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM CST.

Bob is a two-time SPBGMA Nominee for "Bluegrass DJ of the Year (2017 & 201)

About the program:
I am a reporting station for “Bluegrass Today,” Bluegrass Unlimited,” and “Roots Music” Surveys.

Over 70 artists have been studio guests, including, Dailey and Vincent – Claire Lynch - Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out – Valerie Smith – Becky Buller – The Lonesome River Band - Michael Cleveland - The Roys - Donna Ulisse - Tony Holt & The Wildwood Valley Boys - Kati Penn & New Town – David Davis & The Warrior River Boys – Rebecca Frazier – Jim Smoak (Bill Monroe’s banjo player) - David Parmley - Al Hawkes (inducted Bluegrass pioneer) and Sideline.

There have been over 60 unique programs (entire 2 hours). For example – a labor day salute to working men & women – all humor to celebrate national humor month and April fool’s day – lady’s day (every song from a female artist) – a program to honor teachers and acknowledge the educational aspect of bluegrass music (every song had a message or lesson) – coal mining – trains - and an Easter program featuring all gospel songs related to the crucifixion and resurrection.

There have been ten tribute programs to showcase the life and music of one artists – Bill Monroe – Earl Scruggs – Tom T. Hall – Ralph Stanley – Pete Goble – Hank Williams - Liz Meyer (with all European or Canadian artists) - Mac Wiseman – Jim & Jessie McReynolds – and George Jones.

There have been six episodes (two hours each) titled “Bluegrass Goes Country” featuring bluegrass artists singing and playing in a “country style.” One show was a tribute to Hank Williams and another was a tribute George Jones (which included selections form Jones’ 1964 bluegrass release, “Bluegrass Hootenanny.”)